Penny Macleod

Writer and dramatist

photograph by Jacqui Morley

"Everything is Copy"

Penny started telling stories at boarding school, mostly to evade trouble with the authorities. After bringing up three children, she turned to writing short stories, and learning the craft of writing for stage and screen.

She has always enjoyed theatre and drama – that magical moment when the lights go down and the audience, hushed, begins to suspend their collective disbelief.

Infinite Possibilities

Her life over the past ten years has not been short of drama, due to her family’s experience of addiction.

On the whole, Penny would prefer that drama confined itself to the stage – and her ten-year quest to quell the dark forces of addiction has opened up a world not just of knowledge, but also infinite possibilities. These she has distilled into a website to help families who face addiction:

So there have been interruptions to the creative writing, but it has all led to a deeper fascination with human behaviour and a fuller, richer appreciation of life. Wrestling meaning out of human chaos is a powerful incentive to write…

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